Gluten Free -Casein Free Diet Support Site
“ To eat is a necessary, but to eat intelligently is an art”
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This is not a medical site.  Information provided is gathered from individuals who share a common bond.  The intent
of  this site is to try to make it a little easier by sharing knowledge, consolidating data,  and high lighting special events.

   This website provides an area of consolidation of GFCF diet information for the Harrisburg, PA area.  It was initiated by and contains menus and suggestion  from a world class GFCF Diet Support Group which had met monthly from 2007 through 2010.  


 This GFCF Diet Support group had shared their recipes, suggestions on what and where to buy unique foods, along with their experiences.   This data/information is maintained within this site.

 This website is continuied in a  attempt to provide a consolidated area where CFCF diet information, most of which has already been shared by experts, along with identification of local events for our children with Autism.  If this site is beneficial to you and you would like to be notified when significant actions are made to the site,  please <click here> and  you will be placed on an e-mail notification list.   Your name and email will never be made available to a third party.


  Your input is appreciated and you can do so by clicking on the “User Input” menu selection above.  Sharing your experiences and/or providing a unique receipt might put a smile on a child and/or ease a parent.  We need to help each other while the cause and cure to Autism is being identified.

                                                          Thank You........